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16th Apr 2024

The “P” word

Pornography is nothing new. In our days it came in the form of the Scope magazine with stars in strategic places or the dirty video tape […]
11th Mar 2024

Bring back play, today!

Remember the good, old days, when children had grazes on their knees, dirt under their fingernails and drank water straight from the hosepipe? The play-based childhood […]
10th Nov 2023

How to manage exposure to the war

Since the flair up of the conflict in the Gaza strip more war-related questions have infiltrated my school workshops. “Mam’ I saw this and that on […]
18th Aug 2023

AI & the 4th industrial revolution

7 questions impacting our children with Ajit Gopalakrishnan When you read articles discussing the predicted evolution of technology over the next 5 years it feels as […]
13th Jul 2023

The Slow Tech Road

  Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila recently made waves in the media after welcoming their 15-year-old son to social media. This, after him and his […]
22nd Jun 2023

Gaming Disorder: 5 Things I wish I knew

  This month we spoke to Gwen* whose 17-year-old son is currently undergoing treatment for Gaming Disorder. She wishes to remain anonymous but wanted to share […]
17th May 2023

The dreaded WhatsApp group

  “If I had R10 for every time a teenager got themselves into trouble on a WhatsApp group, I’d be living on a yacht in Barbados.” […]
29th Mar 2023

Mindfulness & The need to disconnect

  “My children need constant stimulus. They cannot be still. They need instant gratification and continuous entertainment from the moment they wake till the moment they […]
22nd Mar 2023

Healthy Gamer

5 Things I learnt from the SA Call of Duty Champion, Jesse Kahn When anyone mentions their son is an online gamer, the image that enters […]