Estee Cockcroft

21st Apr 2022

Sextortion: The biggest cyber threat to our teens

A top South African school recently experienced the cruel nature of sextortion when a male scholar catfished on Instagram. The teenager had recently broken up with […]
13th Jan 2022

6 Screen checks to do before school starts

With schools reopening and the new year bustling with possibilities, it’s time to spring clean, organise and get ready. The same goes for digital spaces. Before […]
29th Oct 2021

5 Ways to keep your child safe from the predator they know

In a recent Llama Mama workshop for parents, I was asked the question: How can I monitor my child’s WhatsApp content?… Read More In a recent […]
9th Feb 2021

Fake News & How to spot it

We live in a post-truth era. If the COVID 19 pandemic has proved anything it has proven how susceptible we have…Read More We live in a […]
6th Jul 2020

Pornography, Pompeii & Incognito mode

In 2020, the median age for first pornography exposure is 11 years old. However new research from the security technology company Bitdefender… Read More In 2020, […]
15th May 2020

Lockdown Screentime: Ditch the guilt!

Feeling guilty about the increased time your child is spending on screens during the nationwide lockdown is about as useful as a lace face mask… Read […]
26th Apr 2019

Cyberbullying only happens in public schools, right?

Before I had children of my own I was a smug, opinionated, pain-in-the-backside who said things like *insert the voice of Sansa Stark… Read More Before […]
4th Apr 2019

Is safe for Teens?

In our recent workshops a few of the girls mentioned that they were using a new app called Monkey to chat to other teenagers across… Read […]