It takes a village to raise a child and two heads are better than
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Our Experts

Estée Cockcroft


Estée Cockcroft is the founder of Screen Smarts. A mother of 3, she is passionate about empowering digital natives and keeping them safe in cyberspace. Read More

Naomi Holdt

Educational Psychologist

Naomi Holdt is a mom of two inspirational little humans. She holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Read More

Yolandi Allen

Digital Life Skills

Yolandi Allen is a social media expert and consultant with over 8 years of experience in the industry. During this time, she has helped a number of people and businesses build strong, authentic brands online. Read More

Dr. Nadia Jooste

Mental Health

Dr. Nadia Jooste is a medical doctor and a mother of three with a special interest and additional qualifications in psychiatry. She has been working for 7 years as a medical officer in mental health at Elizabeth Donkin psychiatric hospital. Read More

Elzabé Olivier


Elzabé Olivier holds a Masters Degree in counselling psychology from the University of Port Elizabeth and completed her internship at Hunters Craig Psychiatric hospital. Read More

Louis Zietsman

Mental Health

Louis Zietsman has been working as a Registered Counsellor in private practise since 2017. He qualified with a 4 year BPsych (Counselling) degree as well as a Masters in… Read More

Natalie Macleod

Tech-wise parent

My name is Natalie Macleod and mother to two beautiful busy boys. My biggest moment to remove myself from social media was when I was pregnant and all I did was scroll Facebook. What example are we showing our children? Read More

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